Aren Kalesnik

Aren sporting his lightsaber and explosives. His favorite tools.

"I made these explosives from technology I found in the Star Temples." -Forgiver explaining his explosives

Aren Kalesnik is known for (And still remembered for today) the destruction of the ancient Sith library on Koribann. As well as being one of the most destructive members of the Jedi Order. Also being the twin brother of Ajax Kalesnik.


Aren is a half Human, half Zabrak hybrid. He was born on the planet Alderaan.


Rank: Apprentice of Seemer Ominja

Scribe/Member on War Council

Member on Jedi Council

Officer in Delta Legion

2iC of Delta Squad

Squad: Delta Squad

Abilities: Can control a Rancor. Very skilled in Jedi Mind Trick. Well known for being an explosive expert. Can be considered a somehwat dark Jedi. A skilled pilot. A comedian :D. Cookie expert. A historian. Is increasingly good with the force. Usually is seen around a bar/club/brothel/cantina/spaceport getting drunk. He is strongest with the force and does the most good while drunk. He is considered a "player."